Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon (7 of 7)

Part 7 of 7 of the Classic Golf Channel Interview with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon

Peter: We just started talking about this before the break. The expectation of others, the media, the fans. When you are working on something and haven’t got it to where they want you to go now the expectations are your fans that you should win every single week.

Butch: You know Tiger told everybody in ’98 look I am playing better, my swing is getting better. And everybody says you are not winning tournament. He says it doesn’t matter I am playing better I will win tournaments. ’99 is a perfect example; the start of this year is a perfect example of how well he has played. Everybody has expectations. Nobody has expectation like he does, he expects and thinks he should win every tournament that he plays in. Realistically if went a bed a night he would realize oh maybe I can’t win them all but deep down inside you feel like you can win every one of them.

Tiger: One of?

Butch: That’s what I like about the man.

Peter: How do you feel like you are doing on the progress chart that you set up for yourself a few years ago?

Tiger: Behind on certain parts and ahead on others.

Peter: What are you behind on?

Tiger: Kind of a standpoint I thought of would have won more tournaments per year. I have that stretch so obviously I didn’t win because changing my golf swing I never saw that I had to do that. I thought progressively just kind of win tournaments. But I made up for it last year though.

Peter: I would say so in the beginning of this. How do you rate it, given your expectation as a teacher over the last 7 years to where you are today?

Butch: I think is fantastic, Tiger swing is the best it has ever been and said that going into the Masters. I have never seen him swing better. He proved that at the start of the year. He’s gotten better and better as every week goes on he works hard he always trying to improve what he does. He is a tremendous athlete and a tremendous golfer and from a teaching standpoint you couldn’t ask for a better student cos he wants to improve. Believe me he could go out and shoot 57 and he tells you he should have shot 56 because he had one bad shot over there. And that’s the thing I like about him he is a perfectionist; he’s normally a person that gets in any profession to be the best in the world. He knows it all, he wants to learn and he keeps on learning.

Tiger: Well the key to all of this is we have so much fun doing it. And that something that I don’t think people don’t understand, or has gotten across to the fans and the public how much fun we have when we work. We are out there 4 or 5 hours just banging balls. We are loving it.

Peter: Which is why we give his phone number right now and nobody is going to be able to get anytime with him. But tell them anyway Butch Harmon, School of Golf in Henderson Nevada. 888-TO-SECCO, 888-TO-SECCO or 702-889-2444 and when you call and the recording saying I am busy right now with Tiger and when I am done with Tiger I have got to spend a couple minutes with DarREn. You will know you are not getting on line but go ahead and call.

Butch: We always have time for all our students here.

Peter: Great to have you here. Great to see you
Thanks every body. Goodnight

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