Kendra Vallone Mathews Top 10 Golf Tips

Professional Golfer Kendra Vallone Mathews is an amazing golf instructor. Here’s her TOP 10 golf tip videos.

10. Golf Shot Against the Lip? Bust it From the Bunker!

9. Learn How to Hit a Long Bunker Shot!

8. Get Consistent with your Chip Shots Around the Green

7. Fix Your Slice in 5 seconds

6. Stop Stubbing Your Putts! My quick Tempo Tip!

5. Stop Decelerating…Backless Putting Drill

4. Perfect Your Chip Shots from 50 yards! Wedges–Know Your Distance!

3. How to Hook a Golf Shot

2. Putt with Confidence: Puttfidence Training Aid Review

1. 3 Keys to Hitting Your Driver Better

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