Kendra Vallone Presents: Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons


Hi I’m Kendra Vallone
Today I want to give you a brief demonstration on Ben Hogans book “The Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamental Of Golf”. If you are not familiar with this book, you should be! Originally written in 1957 as a series of articles for Sports Illustrated, it was then converted into a book, which most professionals even today consider the bible. So let’s start with lesson number 1 “The Grip”.

Ben Hogans first and most important lesson was on the grip. To establish a proper grip, begin with your club at the proper address position. The back of your left hand to be faceing the target. When you grip the club you are going to begin with your left index finger and put the club up and under the bottom of the muscle pad of the bottom right of your hand. With the proper pressure points you should be able to lift the club up without using any of your other fingers. You’ll then wrap your other fingers around the club. With your right hand you’ll be placing the four fingers on the end of your hand. Your main pressure points are going to be. The two index fingers in the middle. That will go right under your other hand. You should be able to interlock them. When Completed, the V from your thumb and your index finger should be pointing at your chin.

Ben Hogan also spends a lot of time emphasizing the importance of a waggle. Waggle’s important because it does allow you to visualize your shot right before you are able to take a swing and it creates the proper rhythm for the full swing. So in order to do so you just place your elbows in your side and give it a light swing back and forth. Just a couple of feet through the ball.

I have been playing since is was three years old and have been practicing Ben Hogans fundamentals from Day 1. Here’s A few samples of my swing. Here’s a 9 Iron. Here’s a 5 Iron. Here’s a driver.

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